STROBO is a PR service that "hits the light" on a buried good product.


With the evolution of e-commerce platforms and logistics, the number of foreign companies selling their products in Japan is increasing.


However, there are a lot of companies that have good products, but they are not communicating

the appeal of their products to the Japanese market.


Let's tell the story of our products with STROBO.

Marketing Support Services



Creating and revising text

We translate your product's sales page and other documents. We can also suggest additional information to be added for the Japanese market.

Media PR

we create and distribute news releases about new products and promotions to the media.

Other sales measures

We offer a wide range of services, from selecting and approaching wholesalers to web and influencer advertising.

Service Details

Creating and revising text

Example of calibration

We can translate your product's sales page and other documents, as well as optimize the Amazon search engine and add descriptions for Japanese users.

It takes 2 business days to revise a text that has already been translated into Japanese, and 5 business days to translate it from English to Japanese. 

We can also offer optional translation and editing services for the text in the images using Photoshop. We will change the font and design to best suit your product and create images that look natural to a Japanese consumers.

Media PR

We create and distribute a document called a news release and publish articles in the media about new product launches, promotions and new store openings.

This will not only help you attract customers, but also earn the trust and improve the SEO within your e-commerce platform.

You can expect to publish articles in about 10 mediums at one time and get high advertising effectiveness.

Example of a news release

Other sales measures

We can also help you with everything else you need to do to market your product in Japan, including distributor selection and web advertising.

If your product is not yet known, getting influencers such as Youtubers and bloggers to introduce your product can also work.



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